How To Focus On Any Task And Not Lose Sight Of The Goal

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A lot of millennials complain that they are unable to concentrate on tasks on a daily basis. Sometimes losing focus means losing sight on some of the most important goals in life, and it is not easy trying to get your brain back to square one, without a fight. In the book, the One Thing author Jay Papasan talks about using minimum time to diligently focus on a task before moving to the next one. His solution is to pick up one thing at a time, instead of multitasking and ending up finishing something your start haphazardly.

If you find yourself in a constant mental fight to keep to what you are doing, then learn here how to focus on any task and not lose sight of the goal –

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Do not multitask

Somehow we feel that we are more efficient and bigger achievers when we take up multiple tasks at one time. But let’s be real, we are no Michelangelo, the ambidextrous genius who could write with one hand and simultaneously draw with the other. You end up not giving your 100% to one task, because your attention is being divided with another one. The best solution would be to do one thing at a time.

One slice at a time

Imagine there’s a whole cake in front of you. You’re going to get to eat the whole thing in the end, but what’s better? Trying to shove the entire thing in your mouth at one go, or going slice by slice and relishing the experience? The same goes with the tasks you need to accomplish. Let the other ones wait on stand-by, while you prioritize and work one thing to the finish at a time.

Maintain your culture

You may be working in an office where the culture is that you take calls, complete multiple deadlines in one day and also have time for your co-workers. But this is not about you trying to be superman, it’s about doing your work with integrity. And that starts with you maintaining your own schedule and sticking to it. Other people and tasks will have plenty of time later, but maintaining your culture will soon earn the respect of others, and people will know when it is and when it is not ok to disturb you.

Stay away from electronics

A number of companies don’t allow their employees to use their phones while working nor have access to a number of websites, unless necessary. This is actually a good thing for someone who gets easily distracted. You can maintain the discipline yourself by keeping your phone aside and using apps that don’t allow you to surf the web for a stipulated amount of time.