YouTube lowers its eligibility requirements for creators to earn money

YouTube creators with less followers can now enroll in the YouTube Partner Program


Now YouTubers, who have a smaller followings will also be able to monetize. The company has announced that it will allow more creators to monetize their presence on the platform which will also include the creators who have smaller followings. YouTube on June 13, 2023 made an announcement that it is lowering its eligibility requirements of the YouTube Partner Program. The announcement added that it is opening a few monetization methods for the smaller creators that includes paid chat, channel memberships, shopping features and tipping.

As per the new eligibility policy, the YouTube Partner Program will be open to the creators once they reach 500 subscribers which is half of the number that the program previously had. It is changing more policies that includes the participating creators will have to clock 3000 valid watch hours, which was 4,000 earlier. The participants will also have to clock 3 million Shorts views compared to ten million earlier. The lower requirements policies will first roll out in UK, US, Canada, Taiwan and South Korea.

However, the smaller creators will have to continue to work harder in order to increase their presence to cash in on an ad revenue. YouTube has said that the current requirements will stay for revenue sharing while adding that the users will not have to reapply to the program after they have hit the higher requirements. It has been noticed that the company has banked on the revenue sharing program to woo the creators towards making money, especially to encourage  the short-form content in recent times as it rolled out  and ad revenue sharing program for Shorts.

It has been noticed that a few other platforms like TikTok have also lowered its bar while allowing the creators in to the monetization features. The platform had announced that its video pay wall feature Series, will be accessible by the creators who have more than 10,000 followers. But the users with 1,000 followers can also apply to participate in the program.

Photo Credits: Unsplash