Microsoft CEO defends hybrid work culture

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella encourages hybrid working pattern for organizational success


Hybrid work is something that took off post coronavirus pandemic. Many of the CEOs of the companies supported the culture as it was cost effective and also saw an increased efficiency levels in the performance of the employees. However, there are a number of bosses who continue to disagree over the productivity related issues with hybrid culture. To support the pattern, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked at the All Market Summit by Yahoo Finance on October 17, 2022 and added that the bosses should not believe in anything else but data.

The comments from Nadella came about a month after the software giant had released its latest Work Trends Study. The study had surveyed nearly 20,000 people from 11 countries and found that about 87 percent of the employees  were more productive when they work remotely. One thing the companies have realized that hybrid work is proven to be most effective and also one of the most popular model. While the patterns seems promising, nearly 85 percent of the employees opine that they have less confidence in the worker’s efficiency levels when they are not present in person.

Nadella suggested that  the best way to deal with the problem is to depend on the data that would help people to move forward. The Microsoft CEO practices what he preaches, which means that he has applied the hybrid policy  that allows the employees to work remotely half the  time and anything that goes beyond that would require an approval from the management. But then to deal with the trust issues, a number of employees are tracking their remote employees. This means that they are being tracked for even the length of time taken to write an email or individual keynotes.

Nadella has opined that he is not in favour of any kind of employee tracking and would distract them from the bottom line. He also said that tracking undermines trust which is a vital factor in organizational success. Nadella also said that once the trust is lost it becomes difficult to regain.

Photo Credits: Pixabay