The Resurgence Of All 80’s Fashion Trends in 2016

The resurgence of the famous 80's fashion trends in 2016

Whoever said that the 80’s are gone, done and dusted should wake up and smell the coffee. The fashion trends of this pop era are taking over and fashion lovers are painting world capitals red- in style. In some wears, the designs have undergone some slight alterations whilst in others there is a marked flip-over. In both instances, the original concepts have been retained thus perpetuating the legacies of the original designers.

With the trademark pastels, big hair and bold sunny colours, the 80’s fashion were just a marvel. The clothing styles became even more accentuated by big name actors, politicians, sportsmen, musicians and even televangelists of the time. Some of these celebrities included the likes of DJ Grandmaster Flash with his kangol, George Clooney with his high waist pants, West Coast Gangster Rapper Ice Cube with the Raiders Hat, Eddie Murphy with his legendary purple suit and Pop Diva Madonna whose sense of fashion in Dolce Gabbana gowns and Jean-Pauls corsets, smashed the ceiling harder than some of her chart topping singles.

Fast forward to the year 2016 and fashion lovers are at it again, only this time more ingenious than before. Some of the most visible of these clothing techniques are as listed here under.

Customized denim jackets

The age old denim jacket is back in town with as versatile customization as there are designers. Although the pins and airbrushed art have been vanquished, the original stone washing and boldness of this jacket has been preserved.

Miley Cyrus strutting in a customized 80’s denim jacket

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Mirrored Sunglasses

Rocking of these 80’s sunglasses is a definite hit especially in Europe and U.S. this summer. Celebrity artists like Katy Perry and Rihanna have not been spared either, with others expected to be in tow sooner than later. These sun glasses have been made available in a wider variety of sizes including Brody and Wallace sunglasses.

Jessica Alba wearing vintage 80’s fashion sunglasses

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Shoulder pads

The label Balmain has re-engineered the giant shoulder pads of yore, by replacing size with strength and ditching the accompanying voluminous pants. These blouses now being worn with a skinnier variety of jeans, project a gorgeous look if done right.

Bad Gak RiRi wearing Balmain’s Classic black jacket with shoulder pads

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The archived ruffles too have also been retrieved from the annals of history. Thanks to successful experiments by designers like Rosie Assoulin and Isabel Marant to whom credit is wholly deserved .Their touch has shed the girly tag that stalked them in the 80’s.

Michelle Dockery from Downtown Abbey wearing a ruffled dress from Rosie Assoulin

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White Heels

White Cindy Lauper heels too are now the footwear of choice with the young and upwardly mobile. This lot isn’t shy to step them out in minis and shorts to boot. With this kind of uptake, there is no reason why fashion conscious citizens should be left out of this amazing revolution sweeping across the world

Kim Kardashian channelling an 80’s fashion trend by wearing white heels

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