7 Boho Braids To Rock This Summer

kirsten stewart halo braids

Boho braids have become popular especially to women with active lifestyles since they are very easy to set. This hairstyle made an appearance in the 1940s. In the modern types of Boho Braids, the hair is usually swept to one side of the face to give it a more asymmetrical look. The summer hairstyles are meant to be loose and thus, gives a more disheveled and bohemian impression. Here are some of the hairstyle trends in 2016.

Fishtail Braids with a Hat

Fishtail braids accessorized with a hat

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This hairstyle is quite simple to do on your own. You are supposed to put your hair into two parts and fishtail each side. To have a messier finish, loosen the braids by tugging the strands gently. Put on a hat to finish.

Down with Baby Braids

Down with random Baby Braids

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Take a one-inch section of the hair randomly and tightly braid them to for tiny braids that blend with the rest of your hair. You can then top the hairstyle with a flower crown.

Multiple Braids

Multiple braids on forehead and full hair braid

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Another new hairstyle is the multiple braids. Take a section of your hair that is behind the ear and braid it. When you have braided it, wrap it transversely to your forehead and insert it behind the other ear. You can put it in place with a bobby pin and the braid the remaining hair to the side.

Tousled Side Braid

Emma Stones perfectly tousled side braid

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This is among the new hairstyle trends in 2016. Create a side part of your hair and tightly braid it in a French way from your left side down to the right side of your head to the ends. You can then loosen the braid to give you a sexier and softer look.

Tight Braids

two side boho tight braids

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Separate your hair symmetrically and tightly braid the hair in a French way on each section. You can then secure the braid.

Boho Yarn Braid

Stylish Boho braids using yarns

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It may seem challenging to do it on your own, but it’s quite simple. Tie a yarn or a decorative string around  4 inches of your hair and use a bobby pin to secure it. You can then braid the hair incorporating the yarn in one of the three strands of your hair.

Rope and Rosette Head band

Side braid with a Rope and Rosette head Band

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This is quite easy. Get a long string of braided rope and glue some tiny rosebuds. Tie the decorated headband across your head. On the right side of your head braid your hair together with the hanging rope.

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