Soon Winter will be over and yes! Spring is going to be here. Fashion week runways are already being flooded with next season’s hottest trends from the biggest designers. Here are the Hottest Hair Trends For Spring 2016 (hint: it’s all about putting your best forward and ditching styling products):

Be Natural

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Nature gifted you with the best accessory – your crowning glory – hair. Unless you have serious balding issues, it’s time to flaunt your natural mane. A great tip would be to air-dry your hair after a wash. You can happily leave out the gel, mousse, hair-dryer and other paraphernalia you have lying around. If winter was about hiding your tresses under hats and scarves, now’s the time to let it all hang out.

Chignon Chic

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The busy woman in you may not have the patience to let strands brush against your shoulders or flick at your face all day. Or worse, maybe you didn’t have time for that shampoo session. Don’t fret because Spring trends are here to save you! Tying your hair into a neat bun at the nape of your neck for a sleek look is all in! Just gather your hair at the base of your hairline, twist it and roll it in. Presto! You are good to go for the day.


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Once again you can rummage through your dressing table treasure trove and pull out all the possible sparklers – hair accessories are here to dominate the scene. Go old school and use bobby pins, sparkly hairbands or colorful scrunchies. Anything that helps brighten up a dull hair day are in for Spring. The best part about accessories is that they work for any length of hair. If you have a pixie cut, hold back escaping strands with playful pins. If you have a Rapunzel-worthy mane, pull it back with a hairband that sits.


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Ever since our favorite sit-com, New Girl came out, women want to get quirky a-la Zooey Deschanel style with some bangs. Here’s a valid tip though – make sure that you consult your stylist if this is the first time you are going for the girly look. Trying to cut it at home can lead to some embarrassing results. Bangs provide a sudden youthfulness to your whole look, so get adventurous and try them today!

Hair Color

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Something that you (mostly) can’t go wrong with is hair color. There are so many brands that offer DIY kits. Follow the instructions on the pack carefully and go crazy! Everything from ombré to rainbow to mermaid to chocolate chip cookie colors are in. And believe us, a spin on your trim will suddenly give you an extra boost of confidence and liveliness. Check out this article about Glow In The Dark Hair Color.

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