The 10 Tricks For Perfect Hair That Celebrity Hairstylists Swear By


Think about it: why do celebrities seem to have such beautiful hair every time? We can all identify at least one such celeb who always appears to have perfectly groomed, salon-worthy hair. So, what’s their secret? What tips can you learn from their hairstylists?

Here are top 10 tricks for perfect hair that celebrity hairstylists swear by.

1. Moisturize your hair two times every day

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When you moisturize your face, do not forget to do the same to your hair. Apply some light hair oil to the hair, starting from the middle and going all the way to the ends. This keeps it silky and hydrated.

2. Wash hair two or three times a week

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Experts agree one thing when it comes to beautiful hair- it must remain clean and washed a maximum of three times a week. This, however, doesn’t mean that you wash it every day, no! The natural oil of your hair is designed to protect and condition it, so don’t strip it away.

3. Wear a hair mask before you hit the gym

When working out, the salt emanating from your sweat tends to dry out the hair. Use a hair mask to combat this.

4. Consider hair type

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How often you take care of your hair can also depend on your hair and lifestyle choice. If it’s curly, then you can go longer without washing. If it’s straight, the more it needs cleaning because oil wicks down.

5. Wipe your hair using an alcohol-free wipe

This trick can be done regularly. It removes excess product, freshening up your hair and removing any underlying odors.

6. Invest in a quality shampoo

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That’s right! A quality shampoo will do the trick when it comes to beautiful hair. It gives your hair an amazing texture, not to mention get rid of the oil that builds up.

7. Twist your hair into waves before sleeping

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Twist your hair into waves before you go to bed. This doesn’t give extra stress to your hair and you sleep comfortable.

8. Shampoo the scalp and not the roots

Healthy, gorgeous hair begins in the shower, so try to reach the scalp when applying shampoo, and not the roots. Do not overdo it though-apply just what is enough for your hair.

9. Use a conditioner if you don’t have enough styling products

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Don’t have styling cream, hairspray or gel? Don’t worry. Just use your conditioner to make braids or a sleek pony.

10. Avoid hot water

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Do not use hot water more often as this will dry your hair, creating tangles that could eventually break. If you must take a hot shower, cool it off first.

That’s it! These are the tricks that experts swear on, and which you should follow.

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