7 everyday style sins every guy should avoid making


Men have started to pay more and more attention to the way they dress and look like in recent times. It might be due to the avalanche of men’s fashion blogs and websites, or the vastness of the available advices on this topic, but regardless of the reason behind it, better dressed men since to be here to stay.

We aren’t saying that you should immediately buy suits and wear them day-in and day-out, but there are a number of big style mistakes that you absolutely have to avoid in 2016. Here are, in our opinion, the biggest 7 we’ve seen:

1. Wearing white socks anywhere else besides the gym

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This is very easy and really a no-brainer. If you don’t fancy colorful socks, at least buy them in bulk in neutral colors like black, brown, grey or navy. White socks are made for athletic activities.

2. Not tucking in your shirt at formal events

Working out

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Although you might think this gives you a rebellious look, it really doesn’t. It just looks sloppy and horrible.

3. Wearing socks with sandals

Socks and sandals

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You’ve surely heard this before. It’s a common joke among the IT crowd that all programmers wear socks with sandals. Don’t fall on the wrong side of the joke – when and if you wear sandals, ditch the socks.

4. Suspenders with belts


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They both have the same purpose – to keep your pants up. Wearing both not only serves no purpose, but also looks very off.

5. Wearing a tie bar with a vest


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Same thing as above. If the vest already keeps your tie from bouncing all over the place, why see the need for a tie bar?

6. Wearing square-toed shoes

Square tip shoes

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These were never a good option, contrary to popular belief. Stick to other, rounder shapes and you’ll do just fine.

7. Wearing already picked shirt and tie or tie and pocket square combos

Shirt and tie Pocket

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We get it, sometimes you receive them as a gift. But never, ever wear them together. A tie is supposed to complement a shirt, just as a pocket square is worn to complement an entire outfit. Wearing matching colors and patterns doesn’t look good, it just shows you have no creativity.