Biggest Fashion Moments From Beyoncé’s Lemonade


Soo, Queen Bey just casually dropped a brand new 12-track album, titled “Lemonade”. Of course, the whole Beyhive went berserk at the news and there have been unlimited updates all over social media, blowing up about the latest Beyoncé release. How she manages to release a complete line of athleisure wear, and then a whole album is beyond anybody, but as usual, the Queen did it with class.

While the usual controversies surrounded the sensational lyrics that hinted at a cheating husband, and not to mention, “Becky with the good hair”, there were some epic, ethereal fashion moments that no one could ignore. Presenting the Biggest Fashion Moments From Beyoncé’s Lemonade:


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Yes, that is Beyoncé in a yellow ruffled Roberto Cavalli dress, blowing stuff up.


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In all our years of hoodie-wearning, only Bey could transcend fashion trends with a zipper hood. Why didn’t The Gap think of it first?!


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Here the Queen slays again with a Yeezy crop top and matching leggings. So fierce!

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NO ONE can pull off a lacy teaser number like Beyoncé can – seen here as part of the Lemonade special aired on HBO.


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And here is the Diva decked in Gucci.

Beyoncé had been facing some backlash since her performance at this year’s Super Bowl and the release of her video Formation but it seems like the Queen has gone ahead, proudly displaying her black culture heritage and saluting Black women unapologetically. And she has been doing a fine job about it. Also, there were several lyrics included in Lemonade that spoke about Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z and possible infidelity. But it also spoke about a strong, forgiving woman willing to go through the famous adage: “When Life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE”. And it looks like that’s exactly what she did as the latter made an appearance in his famous wife’s short film, looking like the doting, faithful husband he should be:


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You can’t help but bow down to Beyoncé with her signature moves and hourglass figure. The woman who got the word, “Bootylicious” included into the dictionary, so if there’s anything that comes from this woman, whether it’s her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, IVY PARK Athleisure wear or her latest album, Lemonade, you know it’s going to be a complete hit.


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Listen to the complete album by Beyoncé, Lemonade on Tidal.