Beyoncé Launches IVY PARK Affordable Athleisure Wear


The last time the media was in its usual frenzy over R&B superstar, Beyoncé, it was for her black racial pride video, Formation along with her controversial performance at the Super Bowl. She was quiet for a while, and that only meant that she was up to something to wow her Bey Hive once again. And Queen Bey just announced her new athleisure line, IVY PARK.

Of course, the Bootylicious singer would make the perfect model for her own brand – her killer dance moves and famous curves stand testament to her personal active lifestyle. In an advertisement for IVY PARK, she talks of the reason she named the brand so:

i would wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on my door, telling me it’s time to go running. i remember wanting to stop but i would push myself to keep going. i would think about my dreams. i would think about the sacrifices my parents made for me. i would think about my little sister and how i was her hero. i would look at the beauty around me. the sunshine through the trees. i would keep breathing. there are things i’m still afraid of. when i have to conquer those things i still go back to that park. before hitting the stage i still go back to that park. when it was time for me to give birth i went back to that park. the park became a state of mind. the park became my strength. the park is what made me who i am. where’s your park?

The IVY part in the name holds significance as well: Bey’s only child is named Blue Ivy Carter. Also, the sizes are rated to I-V-Y: Low rise, mid-rise and high rise.

Coming from the Single Ladies hit maker, there would be no doubt that she would keep everyone in mind. So, her athleisure wear is moderately priced. Ranging from $30 to $200, the 200 piece line includes everything from headbands to leggings, to thigh-high socks that add a little bit of glamour to your hardcore workout routine. It is aimed at making anyone who wears it to feel a little motivated to get as fit as possible.

The collection will go on sale starting mid-April and will be sold through TopShop, Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter, including the official IVY PARK website.

Coincidentally, it is also the 8th Wedding Anniversary for Ms. Carter and husband, Jay-Z, who married on April 4th, 2008 in a private ceremony.

Beyoncé & Jay-Z celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary on April 4
Beyoncé & Jay-Z celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary on April 4