Game Of Thrones Legit Theories You Don’t Know Yet


After a long year of conspiracy theories, speculations and “leaked” images at shooting sites, Game Of Thrones Season 6 is finally here and Winter Is Coming with full force. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the George R R Martin books or can’t get enough of the HBO Original Series, there is no doubt that you have been doing whatever you could to not let the Lord Of Light’s fire die down come April 2016.

One trending thread about GoT is the conspiracy of its characters. Whether it is the incestuous Lannister sibling relationship or the Bastards of Westeros – Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton – people want to know how they got there, why they left and whether they are going to come back again. This is the legacy of the land “South of the Wall”.

So what we’re gonna do take a comparison between the storyline in the books and the drama you witness on television. This is a legit investigation here, Watson.

Lady Stoneheart

Lady Stark Stoneheart
The resurrected Lady Caitlyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart

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In the book, Lady Stark, aka, Caitlyn Stark is present at the Red Wedding and murdered, body thrown in the river. However, a follower of the Lord Of Light and male version of Melisandre, Beric Dondarrian preserves her life by sacrificing his own. The new version of the First Lady of Winterfell makes her appearance as Lady Stoneheart, muted but looking for revenge towards the Lannisters.

In the series, Caitlyn is murdered at the Red Wedding along with the King of the North, but she remains dead and up till now there is no sign of Lady Stoneheart making her appearance at Westeros.

Why It’s Important For Season 6

If someone’s life can be reignited by the sacrifice of a disciple of the Lord Of Light, then Jon Snow may be an addition to the undead if Melisandre does one good deed before she trades her life for her wilted body.

Brienne Of Tarth

Brienne Of Tarth Game Of Thrones
Brienne Of Tarth – a character boldly played by Gwendolyn Christie.

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Another leading lady on GoT is the Valarian sword-brandishing Brienne Of Tarth. In the books, believe it or not, she hasn’t even met Arya or Sansa yet! However, her life is spared by the aforementioned Lady Stoneheart if she lures Jaime Lannister into the icy cold hands of the former Lady Stark.

In the series, Brienne has not only traversed with Arya, she has swashbuckled with the Hound and now finally meets with Sansa while saving the new Bolton bride with Reek and Gendry in tow. One thing remains constant – she remains loyal to the Starks.

Why It’s Important For Season 6

If Brienne Of Tarth has not yet met the Stark girls, then the storyline of Arya and Sansa are about to take a whole different route than the books. We may meet with a surprising lifeline for the damsels.


Coldhands Game Of Thrones
Coldhands who may be Benjen Stark, the brother of Eddard Stark

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No, we are not talking about the iciness of the dead of Westeros, but we are talking about a character that appears boldly in the book. He is the one who saves Samwell, Gilly and the newborn baby and awaits Bran and the troupe. When they finally arrive, he leads them to the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven. He is believed to be the undead version of Benjen Stark.

In the series, Bran has already made his way to the hideout of the Three-Eyed Raven with Meera, while Jojen is mortally wounded and burnt. Coldhands has not made his appearance yet and Samwell has escaped.

Why It’s Important For Season 6

Samwise and Gilly, with baby in arms, have only been shown escaping

While people are still debating about the lifeline of Jon Snow in comparison to the length of Kit Harrington’s hair length, there were audible gasps when the true image of Melisandre and the killing of the “weak” Prince Of Dorne was aired in Episode 1 Season 6: Red Woman. Check out more legit theories about Game Of Thrones before next Sunday’s episode.