The Dark Side To Living The Life Of A Model


As the wise say, ‘Not all that glitters is gold’. Actually so many teenage girls fancy being models; the money, the glamour and the fame all this seem to be the desires of young ladies. One thing for sure is that all that is publicized is not real. It is actually the tiniest bit of a models life. Even though modelling can look prestigious when you think of the photo shots and the travelling bit of it, there is actually a dark side of their life that no one really talks about. So that you understand what the real life of a model entails, let’s have a look at some of the dark secrets no one really dares to say.

Diet and Body Fitness

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A perfect model requires having a certain body size that is really hard to maintain. In fact, a model may be required to diet or eat less in order to maintain her body or she wouldn’t make the cut. Straining the body in such a manner is not healthy and also increases the level of stress in oneself.

Participating in crazy activities

You probably didn’t know that most models are just being used to flavour parties. Young models are taken to parties as sex tools for other rich people out there. Being used in this kind of manner for a modelling life is just a modelling career doesn’t seem worth it.

Agents demanding sex favours form models

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Some agents take advantage of the desperate girls in order to be on their right side. When they are actually done with one girl they move to the next one, which means the previous girl no longer matters.

All in all, there is more to a modelling career than many people think. Your social life is halted, you are not allowed to even post photos of yourself, you never stick in one place to make friends, you cannot maintain a relationship as you are always travelling, and you will never make any plans as you will always be told what to do or even wear. Before you even consider a modelling career think about the negative side of it and weigh them, there are many other better options. Live this life for yourself and not others.