Millennials Ditching The Workday Life And Moving Off The Grid

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With different goals, different desires, and different perspective to life; millennials are quitting their normal employment and are moving off the grid. By having a spontaneous character, you can never predict their next move. They are also adventurous, so they are never scared to try out new ideas. They also need their space; rules don’t really work well with them. They get bored easily, the idea of having a routine like going to work and doing the same things over and over gets them off easily.

Why are Millennials ditching their workday life?

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Millenials don’t really believe in working their way up to a higher rank, they just want to make a difference at that particular moment. Most companies don’t understand the behavioural difference of generation Y to the older generation. Millennials need to feel important and they just can’t sit on a job as long as they are getting paid.

They need their time, working from 9 A.M to 5 P.M seems to be more than they can spare. They like to socialise and in essence they can’t stand a routine that doesn’t favour their way of life.

How are millennials managing after quitting the day jobs?


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You might wonder how this generation keeps up with the demanding life. Fortunately, the millennials have had internet all their life and they know how to make a living through freelancing, social media marketing, online businesses and many more. Apparently they have more options to consider apart from their employment.

Some companies have understood how the millennials operate and have tweaked their policies in order to attract them. Generation Y does prefer to have a flexible job that enables him or her to do other different things at the same time.

Maybe it is time for the companies and employers to understand that generation Y cannot be caged and the only solution is to let them have the way they want it, unless they can afford not to have millennials as their employees.