What’s Really Inside Gift Bags At Award Ceremonies


Well, the glamorous awards season is here and the celebrities are quite excited as they gear up to attend. From the success these awards have had in the past years you’ll probably think it’s the awards that make the celebrities attend in masses. If you thought the prestigious awards is what attracts celebrities, you have no idea.

What about the Grammy Awards!

The Grammy award is all about music and attracts musician celebrities from all corners. Fact is that the celebrities get invitation to attend as the eye the potential number one spot on the award categories they have been selected. The interesting part is the gift bag they get to take with them after the ceremonial award is over.

The Grammys $22,000 worth gift bag

Well, if this was supposed to feel like a consolation for not winning anything it sure works. With an invitation to the gift lounge the celebrities get to walk away with some amazing packages. Here is a glance at some of the goodies they’ll get at this season’s party.

• $ 1,000 worth of decorative services

• $ 1,000 worth voucher to spend a week at Golden Door Resort

• $ 2,250 to enjoy vegan, gluten-free and organic cocktails from Natural Mixologist

• $ 5,500 worth session of ‘ultherapy’ by plastic surgeons Daniel Mann and Strafford Broumand

• Ultimate fitness package which includes one week at a fine fitness resort, the package is worth $ 6,180

The Oscar Awards!

If you thought the Grammy’s gift bag is enticing, then the Oscar’s will startle you. This season movie awards contain the most amazing gift packages for their celebrities. The lucky ones will get to walk away with gift packages worth $ 200,000 and includes;

• Audi car rental for a year

• Trips to Japan and Israel

• ‘Vampire Breast Lift ‘ worth $ 1,900

Irrespective of the worth the gift bag just sound pretty amazing, don’t you think?