4 Tips to apply make-up on dry and flaky skin


As the winter is just round the corner, dry and flaky skin is a problem faced by many women. Applying make-up on dry skin makes it look even more flaky and messy. Here are a few make-up tips you can try while applying make-up.


1. Apply a hydrating foundation primer – When you wash your face, apply your regular moisturizer and then apply a hydrating face primer before applying your foundation. This can be helpful for people who have dry skin.
2. Mix face oil with foundation – Add a few drops of oil to the foundation and mix it on your palm. Apply all over your face and neck. Oil helps to spread the foundation evenly and will avoid any flakes on the skin.
3. Hydrate your face regularly – Use a hydrating facemask every week. This will help to keep your skin away from dryness and flakes. It is essential to maintain the hydration levels of your skin in winter.
4. Tinted moisturizers – There are tinted moisturizers easily available in the market. It can be applied with clean fingers on the skin. Select a tinted moisturizer that provides SPF protection from UV rays. This can also be great while travelling and while on the go.

Photo Credits: blackgirlhealth