4 Ways to strengthen parent-child relationship


A bond between a parent and a child can be made stronger. For this parents must make a few moves on a daily basis. Children tend to be sensitive and often get hints of any discomfort in their parent’s lives. Here are a few habits which can be incorporated in everyday life to make the parent-child bond stronger.

parent child bond

1. Talk about the day with your child – During bed time or during dinner, talk to your child about the day’s schedule and what he/she did the whole day at school and at home. Also talk about your day so the child knows what you do everyday.
2. Eat together – Instead of feeding them first and then sitting for dinner. Sit together to have a meal of the day. This way, children can develop better eating habits, better academic performance and can have social skills.
3. Playing games together – This is one of the best ways to bond with the children and have fun while playing games. You can begin a fun family board game. Try to make it an educational one and encourage them to adopt good manners.
4. Give respect and take respect – Children tend to make mistakes and can be disrespectful towards people. Talk to them respectfully so that they in turn talk respectfully to others as well. This also helps to develop a good bond between a parent and a child.

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