3 Tips to prepare skin for upcoming fall


As the weather is preparing to welcome the upcoming fall, your skin needs special care too. A little planning is needed to prepare your skin to be ready for the fall. Here are a few tips.


1. Repair the damage – Summer season, damages the skin with plenty of dust, pollution and tan. Dehydration can cause dark spots and sunburn can also make your skin flaky. As the weather cools down start using a home made peel for the skin. Do not opt for the chemical peels as they contain acids.

2. Start moisturizing – As the weather starts cooling down, the atmosphere becomes dry and the skin asks for more moisturizing. Use a facial as well as a body moisturizer, so that you are moisturized throughout and do not just concentrate on your facial skin. It is recommended to moisturize just after you come out of the bath.

3. Continue to use sunscreen – use a sunscreen lotion even if you are not going out in the sun. A sunscreen is recommended even if you have to go out for two minutes. Just two minutes in the sun is enough to damage the skin. You can use the sunscreen with your everyday foundation.

Photo Credits; practicalskintuition