6 Everyday essentials to be carried by women


A working woman’s everyday life is filled with plenty of work. All day work leaves no time for self pampering. Under such circumstances, there are certain things that are essential and the basics to look great and attractive. Here are a few essentials to be kept handy all time.


1. Eye toner drops – Constantly staring at the computer screen, dust, pollution can make your eyes dry and itchy. Just a few drops of eye toner drops can provide instant relief so you can carry on with the rest of the day.

2. Hand sanitizer – Everyday we pass through and visit various public places. Public escalators, toilets, washrooms, staircases and other such places are filled with germs which can easily enter our body through our hands. A hand sanitizer can be of a great help and keep your hands clean.

3. Lip Balm – Keep a lip balm handy to keep your lips moist and make you look glowing.

4. Compact – Keep a compact or a illuminating powder handy to have a quick touch up whenever you need to look good instantly.
5. Perfume – Carry a small perfume bottle so you can be confident when you are sweaty and smelly prevent any unpleasant odour from your body.
6. Hairbands – Keep some stylish hairbands handy when you need to tie up your hair on a bad hair day.

Photo Credits: cityella