4 Things not to do at a wedding ceremony


Wedding is a ceremony which brings together the entire family and a group of friends. There are certain traditions which are followed and also certain things that should not be done at such occasions. Here are a few things not to do at a wedding ceremony.

wedding ceremony donts

1. Do not get on the photographer’s way – It is a big day for the bride and the groom and the photographer has to make sure to capture all the memorable moments at the ceremony. So do not try jumping in to the frame that is capturing a perfect kiss between the couple.
2. Do not ask about the expenses – It is none of the business of the guests to know about how much the couple has spent on the festivities. Also do not keep complaining about the food or the drinks and keep your comments to yourself.
3. Do not bring a guest uninvited – The wedding invitation has your name which means that you are invited for the wedding. it is not appropriate to bring a guest along with you, who is not even invited. Weddings are usually expensive and the number of guests relates to the overall costs.
4. Do not get over excited – It is good to enjoy yourself, but overindulgence can lead you to go sloppy on the dance floor and embarrass yourself. It is better to be respectful towards the couple.

Photo Credits: frankuv-dvur