4 Delicious ways to use stale bread at home


We all have left over food at home which usually gets wasted or is thrown away. Stale bread at home is not always interesting but it not worthy to be thrown in the bin. Here are a few delicious ways that can make stale bread yummy and interesting.

1. Use as dressing dishes – Just cut the bread in to small pieces and toast them on the pan. These bread crumbs can be used as a dressing on dishes like steamed beans or steamed broccoli to make them yummy.

2. Stuffing in dishes – A day old bread which is not in use anymore can be used to make some yummy stuffing. Moist the bread pieces and mix it with boiled chicken and some home-made chicken broth.

3. Bread crumbs in dessert – stale bread can be used to create a yummy apple dessert casserole. This dessert can be served with a nice and huge scoop of icecream or with a generous serving of whipped cream.

4. Croutons – Stale bread can be used to make croutons as they can be used in any possible way as a topping on salad, in soups, or just sprinkle them over a casserole just before it is baked.

Photo Credits: mumsnet