4 Easy ways to save water with laundry machines


    Many countries are already facing water shortages due to which it is essential for us to make use of the available water resources wisely. Laundry is one of the largest uses of water in households. Here are a few ways to preserve water while doing the laundry and save water for the future generations.


    1. Select the appropriate washer – When we are talking about water efficiency front loading washing machines are the best. Research says that standard washing machines use 41 gallons of water per load but a high efficient machine uses less than 28 gallons of water so you save 6,000 gallons of water per year.

    2. Collect your laundry – In case you do not have enough soiled clothes for the load, collect them unless they are enough for the cycle. On the laundry day fill the machine up to its capacity so that you are not wasting water.

    3. Select the appropriate load size and cycle – If you are loading less clothes on the machine, select the appropriate water cycle which will help to save water in every cycle. You can even skip the extra rinse cycle.

    4. Have regular servicing and check for leaks – It is essential to check for any leaks or the water bills might climb up. Also make sure that you maintain your machine with regular maintenance as it increases its efficiency.

    Photo Credits:Β gogolaundry