4 Home decorating risks to be taken


    Decorating a house means creating your own reflection. Playing safe means to select furniture matching with the decor and so on. But not many are aware that there are a few risks which can actually make your room looked great. Here are a few risks you can venture.


    1. Mismatching furniture – Turn on the excitement and say no to matching furniture, with bedroom sets, sofa sets and dinings sets. Look for colors and trust your instincts. Just imagine if you fill a room with items that you like, it can indeed look good together.

    2. Play with prints – Here you need to be careful as not many might be aware of using prints in room decor. Be careful when you are handling a small room as large prints in such a room can make it look even smaller. Smaller prints can look good and give the unique touch to the decor.

    3. Do something with the ceiling – There are various options with the ceiling and depends on what room you are working on. If it is a bedroom, then neon paint can make it great. Call a painter and get your ceiling painted with stars, planets and satellites with a neon paint that glows in dark.

    4. Lay down a rug – Get a colorful rug for the living room as it can lit up the entire room. Give up the neutral colors and add some bright colors.

    Photo Credits:Β popsugar