Latest In Game Stores – Nancy Drew: Trail Of The Twister


Updated Trends: Latest In Game Stores – Nancy Drew: Trail Of The Twister

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister in the new game series in the stores this month. The game is the continuation of the Nancy Drew game series. The publisher came up with the new game in a step to keep the tale continued of a young girl who has a tact and urge of solving mysteries.

nancy drew trail of the twister

Nancy Drew has had women be attracted to her appeal and style, she has been an idol to almost every girl who has read one of her tales. The game publisher has stated this another series to add in the collection of 22 previous games of her tale. It is still not sure whether what is the ratio of men and women who play this game, but one can say that as per the sales of the game it seems that there may be a higher percentage of women players of this game.

The new game, Trail of the Twister is pulling a big crowd everywhere, and in Oklahoma, teams are competing for a million dollar prize with this game. The includes chasing of storms and sabotage, the graphics quality is on the top of the priority and who ever shall play this game is pulled into it.

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