Death Toll Rises To 130 In Leh Flash Floods


Updated Trends: Death Toll Rises To 130 In Leh Flash Floods

The number of people who have died in the flash floods in Leh has risen to 130, from 60 which was confirmed on Friday. More bodies have been recovered an the death just seems to be rising, but for now 130 are been confirmed. Fear has gripped many people and the rescue officials, that may be as many as 600 people may have been washed away in the flash floods that occurred on the night on Wednesday.


The local officials have stated that the death toll should surely cross 500, as many area’s and villages in the region have not yet been accessed. The Chief of Police, Mr.Kuldeep Khoda,has stated that the rescue officials have recovered some 130 bodies till now, some 370 are reported to be injured, but the question still remain how many are still missing.

Choglumsur, a small village outside Leh, faced the epicenter of the nature fury, and as a result it was completely wiped out, rescue officials are only trying to find survivors in the slush of mud and debris in the village. It has been reported that some 200 people are gone missing from this village.

Source: TimesofIndia