Tyson Gay Beats Usian Bolt In 100 Meters Sprint


Updated Trends: Tyson Gay Beats Usian Bolt In 100 Meters Sprint

We all know that Usian Bolt is in fact the fastest runner in the world, his Beijing records and other world records put him above all. So many people think that he cant be beaten, but thats not true. Usian Bolt was beaten by Tyson Gay with a timing of 9.84 seconds compared to Bolt’s 9.97 seconds in the 100 meters sprint.


The American, Tyson Gay, had a hold over Bolt from the beginning of the race. Gay was comfortable and Bolt had to work hard to get the 9.97 seconds mark. Gay stated that he was very happy to beat a runner like Bolt, as it will be a making his fans very happy too.

Usian Bolt has been running very fast this year, and has made timings more better than this during the year. He made a 9.82 in Switzerland. After being beaten by Gay, Bolt stated that ‘the sprint reflected that I was not in a good shape, and I am beatable, and this was shown here today.

Source: ESPN