4 Essential beauty products a must for every woman


There are certain basic beauty items every woman must possess so as to look fantastic. There are a few things that many woman usually ignore. Here are a few basic items you can possess and still look fantastic.

beauty essentials

1. A good hair brush – Make sure that you throw away your regular plastic hairbrush and buy a hair brush which has boar bristles. A good hair brush must have nylon as well as boar bristles. A mix of both makes the perfect hair brush.

2. A good hair dryer – Invest in a good hair dryer as its saves your drying time to half and does not damage like the blowdryers of the older generations. Make sure you dispose off a hair dryer which is about 20 years old. A good hair dryer can be purchased for under $50.

3. A good concealer – It is not essential that your face tone is even throughout. When you are wearing make-up, you might come across some dark spots and a good concealer can do the magic of covering it.

4. A good sunscreen lotion – Whether you go out frequently or not it is essential to be equipped with a good sunscreen lotion which is at least SPF 40.

Photo Credits: a-la-rox