4 Valentines Day gift substitutes for chocolates


Valentines Day is indeed a day to impress your valentine with the best and unique gift. Chocolates have become a common gift and not many are aware that there are plenty of other things in the market which can make a better substitute of chocolates.

valentines day gift ideas

1. Heart shaped candies – Instead of the regular chocolates, try heart-shaped red candies which not just look attractive but are also perfect for the occasion. The candies will help to lift the mod even more when they are packed in a heart shaped packing.
2. Linen pouch – Almost anything can look pretty and attractive when packed in a striped linen pouch. it can be chocolates, candies and more. You do not have to make it at home, as the market is filled with eco-friendly bags made of jute.
3. Heart shaped cookies – Heart shaped baked cookies not just look good but are also healthy. There are various stores which sell heart shaped cookies specially as Valentines Day gifts.
4. A gift basket – If you do not want to give a single gift, pick up a basket and stuff it with your partner’s favourite stuff. It can have a romantic wine or foods based on vanilla or honey which even taste romantic and can be a perfect substitute to just chocolates.

Photo Credits: lifecongo