3 Natural ways to make your lips look plump


Mildly plump lips can make you look good and can be a good facial feature. Many celebs opt for botox or other unnatural ways of making their lips plump, but many are aware that there are also a few natural ways to make your lips plump.

plump lips

1. Cinnamon – This spice helps to stimulate the blood flow of the lips and causes mild swelling. You might even have a mild tingly sensation but this will last for just a few hours and is a safe method. Make sure that you do not over do it. Mix have a teaspoon of oil with cinnamon powder to make a pasty mixture. Apply on your lips with fingers and massage until your lips start to tingle.

2. Scrub – Mix a teaspoon of sugar or baking soda with a teaspoon of oil. Pick up the mixture on a soft toothbrush and gently rub on your lips. This helps to remove dead skin. Remove the solution with the help of a wet cotton bud.

3. Lip gloss with cinnamon – Apply some lip gloss with one drop of cinnamon leaf oil and it will give your lips a full plump look.

Photo Credits: bp