4 Mistakes made white decorating home


    We all love to make our home according to our taste and livings. But many times we tend to make a few mistakes when it comes to decorate the house. Here are a few decorating faux pas you must not attempt again at home.

    decorating mistakes

    1. Inexpensive furniture – There are various furniture shops which offer attractive furniture at cheap prices. You might be tempted but do not get carried away as you might be compromising on the quality. When it comes to furniture make sure that you purchase the best.

    2. Overcrowding with pillows – Pillows are added to the safa to add comfort. But if you add too many of them, you barely have any space to sit. Try to limit the number of pillows just enough to fit in.

    3. Wrong paint color – Before you buy a paint color, make sure that you test it before committing. The paint colors can vary depending on the amount of light in the room and natural light travellers in the day. You can paint a sample square to see what suits the best.

    4. Huge plants – If you have a small room, placing huge plants will make your space look smaller. Plants are good, but make sure that you do not overdo it. You can opt for the smaller ones which look good in the room.

    Photo Credits: uglyhousephotos