4 Must have apps for new parents


Having a little new family member at home takes a lots of efforts from parents. Since it is a smartphone age, there are several application which can be handy for the new parents. Here is a list of few useful apps for all new parents.

baby monitoring app

1. The Baby Connect app – As the name suggests, it is a useful application which keeps the track of baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, which is an issue most of the parents face. It also keeps a track of the baby’s temperature, mood and other schedules.

2. The My Baby & Me app – This application keeps a record of your baby’s weight, height, diaper changes, feeding and more. It can also create a nice movie out of the milestones of your baby which you can share it with friends on social network.

3. The WebMD app – New parents often get perplexed while dealing with illness of their baby. This app can be like a consultant for some common issues like fever, cold and diaper rash. It also has several articles and informatory videos which can be read and watched.

4. The Baby Monitor 3G app – This application needs two iOS devices with 3G or Wi Fi connections. One of the devices has to be stationed with the baby and the other with you. The app allows you to talk to the child from another room and also allows to click some pictures.

Photo Credits: prweb