5 Easy ways to look stunning at holiday parties


The winter is on and the parties have already started doing the rounds. When it comes to parties the first thing that comes to mind is that what are you supposed to do to look the best and stand out in the crowd. This holiday season, here are a few simple tips to look best.

holiday make up

1. Exfoliate – Winter is a time when the skin develops dead skin and it is essential to exfoliate your skin as it also works to enhance your complexion. If you have done it already, then make sure that you use a gentle exfoliant on a daily basis. Exfoliation will also help to spread the make up evenly.

2. Shimmer is in – Pack up all the matte make up and bring out some bright colors with shimmer. This can also add some drama to your look as it can be used in several ways. There are shimmer creams or powders which can be used for your make up.

3. Use highlighters – Highlighters work as a brightener and the skin is automatically brightened. Several make up artists use it as a staple and is always in their bag.

4. Experiment with new colors – Get rid of the regular reds and pinks and try something that you have not tried so far. There are several colors which can compliment your skin complexion. Try on and see what works the best.

5. Avoid fading of lipstick – Avoid wearing off your lipstick by applying a lip liner and fill it with lipstick color. Set it with powder and apply it with another layer on the top.

Photo Credits:Β gannett