4 Common pregnancy issues with solutions


Women often face several changes in the body during pregnancy. This usually happens due to the major hormonal changes in the body. Here are a few problems women face during pregnancy and how they can be tackled.


1. Ugly stretch marks – No women like to have ugly stretch marks on their body. But pregnancy does leave a few stretch marks on the body. But rest assured as some pure shea butter helps to reduce and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. A relaxing massage can make the marks unnoticeable and helps to restore elasticity in the skin.

2. Dryness of skin – This problem is common during winter. Winter is a time dryness becomes a common issue but in pregnancy it can become worse. The pregnant skin can become dry and itchy. You can make use of natural and paraben free this time can be effective Many Hollywood celebrities have also used such products during their pregnancy including Rosamund Pike, Jessica Alba and Naomi Watts.

3. Week hair – Pregnancy is a time when the hair unusually becomes brittle and can even easily break. This mostly happens due to hormonal changes which is common during this time.

4. Sweating problem – It is recommended to be careful before you ally anything to the skin as this is the time anything that is applied to the skin is absorbed by the baby. Avoid using harsh chemicals like deodorants and opt for healthy deodorants which are natural and safe.

Photo Credits: womenworld