5 Important tips to keep in mind while washing hair


Not many are aware of the proper way of shampooing and washing your hair. Most of us makes many mistakes in the bathroom when we are washing the hair. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while washing your hair.

1. Using insufficient shampoo – Most of us tend to use less shampoo or too little shampoo which might not be sufficient for washing your hair length. Also make sure that you mix a little water and not apply the shampoo directly to the hair.

2. Wet hair thoroughly – Always make sure that you wet your hair properly before you apply the shampoo. If you do not wet the hair properly then the shampoo might not be applied properly to all the strands.

3. Do not forget the scalp – Give enough time to rub and scrub your scalp. Scrubbing the scalp is a very important step while washing hair.

4. Repeat shampoo – If you feel that the hair is still a bit oily, then repeat the shampooing process so as to make sure that all the dirt and stickiness is washed off.

5. Rinse off conditioner properly – A conditioner has to be applied on the ends of the hair and make sure that it is washed off properly. Do not be lazy to leave any amount of conditioner on the hair.