4 winter safety tips for dogs

4 winter safety tips for dogs

UpdatedTrends.com: A change in the season means that no matter what, you need to be prepared well in advance for the new season of the year. Winter is a time when you need to take out your winter wear, insulate your home and stay prepared to for any unpredictable storm conditions. For those of you with dogs at home, it is also a time when you as pet owners take the necessary precautions to take care of them and ensure that your four-legged friends are safe and warm from the biting cold.

Here are a few winter safety tips for dogs.

1. Do not leave them unattended or without a heated shelter – Breeds which survive in the cold region include huskies and malamutes. These breeds have a lot of fur, but that does not mean they can withstand anything. All dogs must have an access to a warm shelter and it is always best to keep them inside instead of outdoors as the cold can affect them in a big way.

2. Buy warm clothes for small dogs or dogs with less hair – People who own small dogs or dogs with little hair must cover them with sweaters or jackets to protect them against cold. Some dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Whippets and Greyhounds need a protective cover during winter.

3. Foot protection – Even dogs need to be protected from the cold as their feet can turn cold during the most severe winters. Cover their feet with booties as it can protect them from snow, ice and salt on the walkways.

4. Stay alert – Always keep watch on your pets and do not allow them to eat any snow. There can be dangerous substances or chemicals mixed in the snow which can make your pets sick.

Just like humans, dogs too need to be taken care of during winter with proper food, clothing and care.