3 benefits of using cleansing oils for your face


Tired of using harmful chemicals on your face? Get to know the 3 benefits of using cleansing oils for your face.

Not many are aware that washing your face with oil can actually be beneficial. The idea might sound contradictory, but if you dig in further, it does make sense. Here are 3 benefits of using cleansing oils for your face.

1. Best for sensitive skin – Cleansing oils do not take away the natural oils from your skin, but help to hydrate the skin which can last throughout the day and the night. People with sensitive skin can opt for cleansing oils as they are gentle and not harsh on the skin.

2. Contains natural ingredients – Make up and other cosmetic products can contain harmful chemicals and can be very harsh for your skin. Cleansing oils can be free of the chemical used for preservation called paraben and that is always a pro, not a con. These oils do not have usually have any ingredients which harm the skin.

3. Good to remove make-up – Cleansing oils can be good for removal of make-up. Instead of using regular cleansing milk, cleansing oil can be a better option as they are natural and easily removes traces of tricky eye make up. It easily cleanses off the kajal and eye shadow.

How to use cleansing oil

Take a few drops of cleansing oil on your palms and apply on damp skin. Massage with the tip of your fingers and wash it off with lukewarm water.