4 ways to charge your smartphones faster


Battery running low after using all those apps? We got 4 ways to charge your smartphones faster.

In this busy era of technology, it can be a challenge to keep your smartphone or tablets fully charged all the time. No need to fret here because with the help of a few tips and tricks, it is possible to charge your smartphones at a faster pace – especially if you are time-crunched.

1. USB adapter with high power – The usual smartphone chargers come equipped with an 1 amp power adaptor, but smartphones usually tend to handle 2.1 amp charger. This can charge your smartphone at a faster rate.

2. Use a wall socket – Instead of your laptop, use a wall socket when you are in a hurry. If you charge your phone directly from your laptop, it might take longer to charge as compared to using a wall socket. There are chances that your smartphone did not come with a wall socket adaptor, in that case, it can easily be purchased from a store.

3. Use a battery pack – These days there are battery packs available for all phones at an extremely reasonable cost. These devices can be directly connected to the smartphone and helps you power your smartphone much faster. Portable battery packs and power banks can also be taken along with you on your travel trips and used when your battery is low.

4. Switch off your phone – In order to make your phone charge quicker, it is wise to turn it off or put in on flight mode while you charge it. Wi Fi and other cellular radios grab a huge load of your battery from the device which in turn takes a while to get your battery 100% full.

On the flip side, it’s not wise to overcharge your phone and charge it when the battery is not depleted much as this could only affect the life of your phone and result in you buying new batteries. Also turn off apps that are not required and make it a point to remove apps which are unneeded and possibly draining your phone battery.