4 Unhealthy habits that boost aging


Slow that aging process down by fixing your lifestyle.

Our lifestyle has become so fast and stressful these days that it has led to a massive compromise on our healthy habits. Not many are aware that renouncing healthy living or even getting lazy or complacent about it can fasten the aging process. Here are a few unhealthy habits which you can rid yourself of to keep aging in pace.


1. Extreme dieting – Crash dieting deprives your body of essential nutrients. People mostly go for extreme dieting measures to fit into a dress in ten days or for special occasions. The results might be quick, but can lead to long term threats to your body, in and out. Crash dieting can lead to wrinkles and sag your skin, making you look older.

2. Untimely sleeping habits – For a normal individual, it is essential to have ample sleep of about seven to eight hours. If you don’t get enough sleep then your body might not function properly with all the unshed stress of the previous day. This can also lead to weight gain and ultimately lead to faster aging.

3. Ignoring fruits and vegetables – Fresh fruits and vegetables provide your body with a good source of nutrients and minerals, which are essential for daily strength and vitality. Not having them on a regular basis can take away the glow from your face and put aging on the fast track.

4. Chain smoking – Everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is injurious to health and many studies have proved that smoking also fastens the aging process, while also increasing the risk of heart and lung disease.

Photo Credits: foxnews