Top 5 style tips for short girls


Petit ladies, blow your fashion faux pas fears away! Learn these simple style tips for short girls.

Standing in front of your wardrobe and don’t know what to wear because everything just seems to enhance your short frame? Here’s what you have to keep in mind, fashion and styling is all about creating the right illusion, its not for nothing that stylists rake in mega bucks; every body type has a soulmate wardrobe, it just needs a little searching! 

Creating the illusion of tallness is all about getting the correct proportion, so here are the top 5 style tips for short girls.

1. Opt for high wasted styles – Low waste maybe sexy, but high waste will make you look taller, high wasted silhouettes help to create a sort of an optical illusion that will make you look taller. Also, that coveted leggy lass look is all yours if you opt for high wasted skirts, shorts and pants. 

style tips for short girls

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2. Wear thin belts – Choosing the right kind of belt can make or break your appearance, if you have to create that clinched effect for a top or dress you are wearing, then make sure to use slim belts. Using a chunky belt can create a very blocked appearance and hence destroy that elongated look you were aiming for.

thin waste belts

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3. Opt for v necks  – V necks create the illusion of a long elongated upper body/torso. Hence, opting for v necks is the best idea while shopping for tops and dresses.

V necks

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4. Avoid oversized bags – However dear that extra large tote is to you, you need to ditch it! When the eyes are forced to see too much width they naturally take in less height, hence, creating the illusion of a short appearance. Carry small proportionate bags that will make you look taller.

over sized bags

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5. Wear pointy-toed flats – Short girls are usually told to wear high heels, however, you can’t strut around in heels all day long! So stock up a rich collection of pointy flats; they create an appearance of a long leg line.  

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So fret not petite ladies, the most coveted fashion sirens boast a humble height of under 5’5, but still manage to look fab! Kim Kardashian, Mila Kuni and many more!