4 Ways to protect your eyes during winter


The cold and dryness of winters can compromise your vision. Here’s how you can protect your eyes.

Winter is a time when you pay extra attention to your skin, using richer or thicker moisturizers and layering your body with sweaters. However, not many people pay attention to their eyes, even though they need as much protection during winter as your skin. Here are some simple protective measures to protect your eyes.


1. Use lubricating drops – During winter, cold and dry weather can strip your eyes of all the moisture and can lead to burning or blurry vision. Sometimes you might also feel like some particles are stuck in your eyes. There are many over-the-counter and preservative-free artificial tears, which can provide immediate relief.

2. Wear protective and branded sunglasses – The sun rays during winter are more harsh, as the sun is much nearer to the earth. If you wear sunscreen lotion on your skin, you must also wear protective and good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.

3. Keep your hands away from your eyes – Try not touching your eyes with your hands as far as it is possible, especially when you feel an itch. Dry eyes can cause irritation and you might be tempted to rub them, which can cause infection, as your hands carry the most amount of germs on your body.

4. Avoid long hours on the computer – Spending more time in front of the computer can leave your eyes dry and irritated. Try taking breaks from work and keep blinking your eyes when you stare at the computer screen.

Photo Credits: coavision