5 unusual uses of lip balm


Pout friendly lips aren’t the only reason you should use lip balm. Learn about the unusual uses of lip balm.

Lip balms are a must have; the most basic cosmetic product that should sit pretty in almost every bag you carry! The reason for this is, lip balms and chap sticks are not exclusively loyal servants of your lips, but have numerous other non-lip related uses that can surprise you. 

Here are the top 5 unusual uses of lip balm that will make you go,”really?”

1. Frizzy hair – You don’t need to resort to that hair straighter every time you have a bad hair day. Frizzy dry hair can be rough and difficult to tame down, lip balm can help with this. If you are apprehensive about applying it all over your hair, then just dab a little bit of lip balm on your fingertips and apply it to those tiny unruly strands at the sides, it is sure to help.

2. Eye makeup – Makeup is an expensive affair, each product requires another product; a vicious cycle that just won’t end. Solution? Use one product for multiple purposes! Lip balm is an effective replacement for eye primer. Just mix a little bit of the balm with your eye shadow and see the results. It can even be used to moisturize your eye lids incase you run out of cream.

3. Smoothen zipper – Your favorite jacket doesn’t need to be neglected just because its zipper has gone old and rusty, use lip balm to lubricate it. Spread a little bit of lip balm on the zipper and voila! No more struggle with your zipper!

4. Moisturize your cuticles – Nail salons are not a walk in the park, they require time and money! So instead, just use some lip balm to moisturize dried and shriveled up cuticles. 

5. Shoe shine – If your shoes look a bit under the weather, try applying a little bit of lip balm, it will give your shoes that much needed sheen. 

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