4 Reasons why coloring your hair is a bad idea

coloring your hair_harmful

While coloring your hair may seem exciting and adventurous, here is why you should avoid it.

Hair color can make you look good, but it can also be harmful to your hair and skin. Some claim that they do not have any regrets in getting their hair tinted, but the fact is that dyes always leave some side-effects behind. Here are a few reasons why coloring your hair is not as good an idea as you think!


1. Re application problems – When you color your hair once, you have to keep doing it regularly. As hair grows, the original color starts to show from the scalp, due to which it becomes essential to touch up on a regular basis.

2. Uneven color – If you opt for doing it yourself, there are chances that your hair might get colored unevenly. It is always better to take help from a professional. Many times you might not even know which hair color suits you the best.

3. Hair damage – Most of hair colors contain ammonia, which is corrosive in nature and can damage the cuticles of your hair. It can also change the pH level of your scalp and follicles. When hair cuticles open, it becomes difficult to close them, which can cause problems like split ends or fading of natural hair color.

4. Wastage of money – Hair coloring can be expensive, especially when you decide to take professional help, which is always recommended. It is better to maintain the natural color of hair for as long as possible to keep your mane shining and healthy.

Photo Credits: womenhairstylesblog