4 Ways to lighten acne scars


Are your acne scars bashing your confidence? Just try these simple home remedies to lighten acne scars.

People with acne can suffer from scars which can be embarrassing and worrisome. The prominent marks can be unsightly, but can also be reduced with the help of a few efforts. Here are a few remedies to lighten acne scars.


1. Lemon Treatment – Applying fresh lemon juice to the scars can help naturally lighten acne scars on the face. Mix equal parts of lemon and water and apply the mixture directly to the scars. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

2. Apply honey – Honey is another natural ingredient to get rid of ugly acne marks. This has anti-bacterial properties and can be gentle on the skin, while also reducing inflammation. Use raw honey for best results.

3. Ice cube – Applying ice cube is one of the most simple remedies which can help soothe scars and lighten the redness left behind by acne. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cotton cloth and hold it against the scar.

4. Lightening creams – There are also many over-the-counter lightening creams which are easily available in the market. These creams are inexpensive and can give satisfactory results.


Photo Credits: oilyskinblog