5 Quick ways to remove make-up


It is unhealthy for your skin when you don’t remove make-up before you turn in for the night.

Make-up indeed makes you look great, but by the end of the day it is essential to remove it completely. The leftover make-up on your face block skin pores, leaving them unable to breathe and collecting grime in the pores. Here are a few easy tips and supplies to remove make-up efficiently.


1. Use Baby Wipes – Baby wipes are gentle on the skin and you do not have to worry about any breaking out or irritation after. Wiping off make-up with baby wipes is a quick and un-messy way to remove those grimy layers.

2. Use Olive oil – Using Olive oil to remove make-up can be one of the most natural ways. The oil not only relieves the skin of products, but also softens it. People with dry skin can generally opt for olive oil as it also nourishes the skin.

3. Take steam – Not many people are aware that taking steam helps remove make-up easily. Just lean in front of a steamer and your skin pores will open up within a few minutes, after which wipe your face with a cotton ball.

4. Apply milk – Milk helps remove dead cells of the skin, as well as that waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Take a cotton ball and dip it in some milk, then gently wipe off the make-up.

5. Apply Baby Lotion – Just like milk, pour some baby lotion on a cotton ball and wipe off make-up gently from the face and neck. Baby lotion is gentle on the skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Photo Credits: beautybanter