5 Home remedies for dark finger and toe nails


Give your nails that manicured look with these simple home remedies for dark finger and toe nails.

Hands and feet are clear indicators of how you maintain your beauty and hygiene. Discolored finger/toe nails can be embarrassing and in most cases, the discoloration of nails occurs due to health related issues.

Home remedies for dark finger and toe nails

Here are a few home remedies to get rid of nail discoloration.

1. Soak in water and vinegar – Prepare a solution of vinegar and water and soak your finger/toe nails in the solution for at least half an hour. Make it a habit to do it every day. This remedy lowers the pH levels in the nails and kills fungus which lead to darkening of nails.

2. Avoid moisture – Try keeping your nails dry and avoid any moisture. After having a bath or any activity related to water, dry them as soon as possible.

3. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar – Solution of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar works well. Apply a few drops of this solution on the nails and repeat this everyday.

4. Keep air circulation goingΒ – This applies especially for your toe nails, wearing closed shoes all the time can cause a lack of air circulation in the spaces between the toes. Make sure to air your feet atleast once a day.

5. Wear cotton socks – Opt for cotton socks as opposed to synthetic ones, cotton socks help with absorption of moisture and thus keep funguses at bay.Β 

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