5 unusual uses of Peanut Butter


You will fall more in love with Peanut Butter after hearing these surprising uses.

If a peanut butter jar is your most prized possession, then its time to know what tricks it has concealed with its lid! Peanut butter is a comfort food for alot of people, but it surprisingly isn’t unhealthy, unless ofcourse, you gobble copious amounts all day along! If eaten in regulated quantities, peanut butter can actually be healthy.

Peanut Butter unusual uses

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Apart from its culinary uses, this brown sticky food has many other astonishing uses.

Here are the top 5 most unusual uses of Peanut Butter.

1. It can replace shaving cream – Yes, you heard it right men! Peanut butter can be used in place of shaving cream. Apply a thin layer of non-crunchy peanut butter and shave normally. It contains natural oils that keep the razor’s sharp blade from nicking your facial skin.

2. Mix medicines for pets – Is your pet super fussy when it comes to intaking medicines? Then peanut butter is your solution, cats and dogs are known to love peanut butter, hence, you can mix the meds in it and then feed it to them.

3. Clean leather – So if you accidentally drop a few spoons of peanut butter on your leather sofa, it won’t hurt, infact, it will clean your sofa. Take a soft cloth and rub the peanut butter all over the leather sofa, the natural oils in it will clean the sofa’s surface and also make it shiny.

4. Insect trap – If your kitchen in infested with roaches and other insects, then an almost empty jar of peanut butter will help. After using up 99 percent of the contents in the jar, keep the empty jar open and in a side position near the roach infested area.

This will automatically attract the roaches inside the jar, once inside, they will not be able to get out as their legs will be stuck to the inside of the jar. Lid the bottle and voilà.

5. Get shiny and silky hair – Yes, the natural oil content in peanut butter helps to moisturize your hair, massage your scalp with peanut butter and then, wash it off with shampoo.