4 Easy ways to get rid of termites naturally


    Don’t let your furniture fall prey to damage, follow these easy ways to get rid of termites naturally.

    Termites, also known as white ants are dangerous insects that can effectively damage expensive furniture at home. These termites are not just dangerous, but act silently and in a covert manner.


    Here are a few natural ways to treat and dispatch termites.

    1. Get rid of moisture – Termites thrive in dark and moist areas. Make sure that you move your furniture away from a moist to a dry location, sunlight is the best option. Empty the room completely and dry it out for a few days before moving your furniture back in.

    2. Direct sunlight – Termites usually prefer to hide in darkness. Make use of a sunny day and move all your furniture outdoors in rotation. Termites will automatically be visible in the sunlight.

    3. Freeze termites – This is only an option for people who have large size freezers in their garage. Freezing is also an effective way to kill termites. Ofcourse, moving your whole closet into the deep freezer is not an option, but small pieces of furniture can be moved in. Make sure that they are sealed and put into the freezer.

    4. Trap – A termite trap is easy to build. You just need some cardboard as it contains cellulose which attracts the termites. Spray about three to four pieces of cardboard with water and place it near the affected furniture for three to four days as it will attract the termites. Remove the trap and burn it to dispose the termites.

    Photo Credits: commandpestcontrol