6 Simple steps to have long lasting nail color


Exhausted of  having ripped and worn off nail paint, here are some easy ways to have long lasting nail color .

If you are tired of applying nail color everyday, here are a few simple steps which can help to save the next manicure and can save time and money. The following steps will allow the nail color to stay longer on your nails.

long lasting nail color

1. Remove old nail color and clean off – Before you begin with applying a fresh color, make sure that you properly remove the old color with a good nail color remover. After that, wash your hands with water and soap to remove the nail paint remover/acetone.

2. Smoothen nails with a cuticle smoothener – Make sure that you smoothen your nails and fingers with a good cuticle smoothener. Take off the little hanging pieces from the nails which do not look good.

3. Apply first (base) coat – Before applying the color, apply a colorless base coat to create a good foundation for the color and let it dry for 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Apply first color coat – Apply the first color coat, but make sure that it is not very thick or not too thin and allow it to dry for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Apply second coat – If needed, you can apply the second coat when the first coat dries. Before applying the second coat, make sure that the nails are dry.

6. Apply the top coat – The top coat is the final one which can be clear or shimmery. This will make your nails look glossy and make them last long too.

Photo Credits: onsugar