Top 5 most germ-infested hotspots in your home


    Your home isn’t as germ proof as you thought, find out which are the 5 most germ-infested hotspots in your home.

    Are you under the impression that a daily vacuuming session is getting rid of all the germs in your house? It’s time for a rain check, cleaning the most obvious places in your house might not give your home a germ free status. Germs are pathogenic microorganisms that lurk around in the most unexpected places and hence, you need to be doubly sure about where you clean and what you clean. 

    5 most germ-infested hotspots in your home

    Here are the top ten places in your home where germs could be lurking around in plain sight. 

    1. Kitchen sponges – You use these sponges to clean all the mess that unfurls in the kitchen, but have your ever thought about where do all the germs and dirt travel after they are absorbed by the sponge? You need to disinfect your kitchen sponges at least twice a week, so as to get rid of all the collected bacteria. 

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    2. Bath mat – All the dripping water that is drained into your bath mat makes for an eventual cesspool of germs and bacteria. Damp, moist and dark places are a haven for germs. Launder or clean your bath mats with disinfectant atleast once in 2 weeks, if not every week. 

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    3. Toothbrushes – We bank on these bristles to keep our teeth shiny and clean, but have you ever wondered who cleans the toothbrush? All bathroom bacteria in the air go and settle down on the surface of toothbrushes, which eventually go into your mouth! Dirty cycle right? Allow your toothbrush to try completely and replace it every 4 months. You can also clean it with antibacterial mouthwashes such as Listerine.

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    4. Headphones – If you’re the kind who is always plugged-in, then it might be time to put those headphones under a germ scanner. The sponges on the headphone are extremely potent bacteria and germ absorbers. Try using a soft cloth with a dot of hand-sanitizer or any other mild antibacterial wipe on it.

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    5. Phone – If you’re in a relationship with your phone, it might be a good idea to give your significant other a slight cleansing session! We do not wash our hands most of the time and then hold our phones with these unwashed hands, very often, our phones are subjected to grease, sauce and butter, thanks to talking while eating or cooking! Clean your phone with anti-bacterial wipes or just a plain damp cloth. You will be amazed by the change in the color of the cloth!

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