Top 5 stress-buster activities for office


Wish to de-stress at work? Find out how with these stress buster activities for office.

Has your office turned you into a walking stressed out zombie? Then its time to consider a few stress buster activities that you can practice at your workplace itself.

A little bit of stress might be a motivational dose for many, however, when the strain and pressure gets to much to handle, it not only hampers your work, but also your health. 

stress buster activities for office

Here are 5 easy stress busting activities for office.

1. Take a walk – Sitting at your desk for long hours has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and bad posture. Instead of being cooped up at your desk for 4 hours straight, make sure to freshen your mind with a short walk out in the fresh air. This will help take your mind of things and also give you a breather in-between hectic schedules.

2. Doodle – This might not be a stress relief solution for everyone, but doodling can be an effective way to take a break. Whether it is artistic sketches or just random zig-zag lines, doodling can help you take your mind off work for a while and relive stress. 

3. Talk to a friend – Talking to a near and dear friend can often help cope with stress. Just a few minutes of talking about non-work related issues or sharing a joke can be a great stress buster. 

4. Relax your eyes – An office desk without a screen is as absurd as a kitchen without a pan! In order to relax your strained out eyes, rub your palms till they feel warm and then place them over your eyes. The warmth and darkness will relax your eyes. Try a little deep breathing along with this.

5. Listen to music – Tired of all the chitter chatter around you or maybe, the opposite – pin drop silence in office! Plug-in your headphones and listen to your favorite song, this will not only provide a different stimulus to your brain, but will give you a break from the monotony.

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