5 way to make your Halloween eco-friendly


Pumpkins, ghosts and candy! Find out ways to make this Halloween an eco-friendly one.

Keep the trick-or-treat tradition alive, but also make it environment friendly. Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals of the year, however, with celebration levels escalating each year, more and more environmentally hazardous materials are clogging our surroundings. 

halloween eco - friendly

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Here are 5 easy ways to make your Halloween celebration fun and eco-friendly. 

1. Ditch the candy bucket – Candy served in a fancy candy bucket is surely attractive, but it is also made of non-degradable material like plastic, instead, you can opt for indigenous things like pillow covers or cardboard boxes. If you still think that’s unattractive, then there is always the option of decorating the cardboard boxes with paint, paper decorations or creative sketches. 

2. Reuse, recycle and reduce – If you are the kind who shops for new and elaborate Halloween costumes each year, then recycling might be a good option, donate your old Halloween costumes to charitable organizations or even better, exchange them with other family members/siblings. This way, you aren’t disposing off a whole lot of freshly used costumes each year. It is good for your wallet and the environment. 

3. Organic candy – Halloween without candy is like Christmas without Santa. However, many are not aware that all the eye-catching colorful candy has copious amounts of unnatural dyes and chemicals stuffed into it, which eventually are consumed by us. Instead, opt for organic candies which have all natural ingredients in them. Here’s where you can find a list of the best organic candies.

4. Don’t waste electricity – You might want your house to look the best in the neighborhood, but keeping decoration lights on all night long isn’t an eco-friendly option. Keep a timer on all electric decorations so that they are on for only a few hours in the evening and not all night long. 

Use LED’s instead of traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights are energy efficient and even come in various colors to amp up the Halloween decorative feel.

5. Use home made decorations – Instead of over dosing your home and the environment on plastic and synthetic materials, use homemade decorations. Not only are they a good way to make the whole family bond during the holiday season, but also function as an inexpensive way to do up the house.

Cardboard, silver foil, newspaper (paper mashe) are all home made options that are environmental friendly as they are being recycled.